You can easily measure your table regardless of the shape and size.


Table manufacturers use the same measurements and patterns repeatedly. We save a copy of these patterns. Knowing the model number underneath your table helps us to make your table pad fit perfectly.

For those of you who are skeptical of ordering online, put your mind at ease. These measuring instructions have proven to be as accurate as if someone came to your home.

We make table pads to a standard of unmatched excellence. They are all hand tailored, have a heavy-duty washable top surface and a cushiony soft bottom.

We've made improvements over the years. Our table pads now consist of a lightweight, solid core that is unaffected by humidity and will not bow when standing upright, saving you space. They are lighter and easier to lift and carry.

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Tables Not Requiring Patterns

  • Round Tables
  • Square Tables
  • Coin Corner Tables
  • Octagon Tables

We have 1000's of table patterns in our database. In many cases, we only need measurements or numbers stamped or written beneath your table. Most table pads are made in 2 equal pieces. Each section folds in half. We go even further by making one pad for each insert leaf, allowing you to use your table in every possible combination.


  • Line pattern paper up with split in table and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Secure paper with tape or heavy objects to prevent sliding
  • Trace edge of table by rubbing against the paper with side of pencil or crayon. Do not including molding or sloped edges.

Table tracing diagram



Measure sections separately.

No Pattern: Round / Rectangular / Square

Pattern Required: Rounded drops / center

Round / Rectangular / SquareStandard drop leaf vs. round drop leaf measuring diagram

Corner Patterns: Trace table corner on paper with side of pencil or crayon. Corner pattern used with your table measurements. Mark side and end of table.Corner pattern measuring guidelines diagram

No Pattern Necessary

  • At least 50 percent of table pads do NOT require a table pattern. If your table is square, round, or octagon, we do not need a pattern of your table.
  • Just check your table’s receipt or underneath your table for a model number (usually written in crayon). We probably have it on file.
  • If we do require a pattern of your table, we can walk you through the simple process in about two minutes!

How to Measure for a Table Pad

If you're looking for instructions on how to measure for a table pad, this is the correct place.

Measuring Dining Tables

Measuring Dining Tables Measuring Dining Tables
  • Measure the short side of the table first - this will be the width.
  • Measure the long side of the table second, with leaves removed - this will be the length.
  • Measure the length of your extension leaves (see image for length).
  • If you have a table with square corners (90°), these are the measurements you will use.
  • Measure the flat table surface to the nearest 1/16" (excluding beveled edge). Give us the number of leaves and each leaf length.

Measuring Tips

Measuring with a Tape Measure

Tape Measure Image
  • Measure width of table at center split to nearest 1/16" (flat surface only).
  • Important: Do not include beveled or sloped edges.
  • Best to use metal tape measure.
  • Measure full length of table from end to end directly down center (flat surface only).
  • Important: Make sure extension leaves are removed.
  • Never use measurements provided by manufacturer (they usually include molding or sloped edges).
  • Pattern is necessary unless table has square corners (90 degrees) or is perfectly round.
  • Do not include molding around perimeter or sloped edges.
  • Do not include extension leaves.

Measuring Drop Leaf Tables

  • Raise the drop leaves and remove any extension leaves.
  • Measure the short side of the table first - this will be the width.
  • Measure the long side of the table with the drop leaves raised - this will be the total length.
  • Measure the length of the main section.
  • Measure the length of any extension leaves.
  • If you have a table with square corners (90°), these are the measurements you will use.
Drop Leaf Tables

Measuring a Buffet

  • Measure the short side of the buffet first - this will be the width.
  • Measure the long side of the buffet second - this will be the length.
  • If you have a buffet with square corners (90°), these are the measurements you will use.

Measuring a Piano

When measuring a piano for a pad, it is important to measure the widest and longest points of the piano.