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Custom Table Pad

Handcrafted Table Pads

We make pads for buffets, coffee tables, and conference tables. Dining table pads should always be easy to use and durable. This is why we manufacture all of our orders to custom fit your table. This is a one-time purchase, so it is important that they are durable, beautiful, and perfect every time.

When looking at reviews, you are looking for three things: high quality, knowledgeable service reps, and a great price. Shopping direct from the factory doesn't have to be tricky when you know you are getting the best value.

A table pad factory may offer well-made table pads but charge way too much for them. Another manufacturer may offer wholesale pricing, but they may not have the expertise to upholster a pad to fit an oval or scalloped table. Then again, you might see other products sold for next to nothing, but they may not last more than a couple of holiday dinners. makes the world's finest handcrafted pads for a fair price and provides excellent customer service. In fact, we are the only company that will give you a free, lifetime-limited warranty with the purchase of our best product.

Let's talk about magnets. We invented magnetic table pads, and we hold the patent on MagnaLocs . No other factory direct manufacturer can sell you magnetic pads for retail purchase. Period. If they tell you they can, they are either buying their pads from us or they are licensed to make magnetic pads for furniture stores. No one else can sell you wholesale magnetic custom pads directly except yours truly! MagnaLoc ™ is the only locking device that can't scratch your table. That's a big deal!

You name it, we make it. All shapes and sizes. Only top quality handcrafted table pads!