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Average rating for Berger's Table Pad Company is 4.99 stars of 5 stars - based on 135 reviews
Tablepad in Adairsville, GA
I received the tablepad yesterday and I am so pleased with it. I appreciate how you worked with me regarding the sizing. I am planning a party tomorrow night and will be very happy to show it to everyone and recommend Original Factory Direct Table Pads. Thanks again for your help and interest.
Table Pad in Wharton, NJ
Recieved our table pads yesterday and we love them! They really are made well, especially like the magnets.
Table Pads in Morton, PA
Thanks for responding so quickly. The quality is unbelievable and the service was so fast!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the magnets! It's so nice to not have the table pads shift around. Why didn't someone think of this before?? Brilliant, just brilliant. My dear sweet mother who passed away in April at age 87 always made sure her tables had table pads. I inherited her dining room table (w/pads) and gave my niece my dining room table (w/pads). When I got my new kitchen table in July, I was a WRECK trying to protect it and didn't know where to get table pads so that's when I went online (finally) and found you guys. Best move I ever made. Do you have business cards that I can pass out to friends and family and complete strangers? Maybe I can just print up some myself. Lot of weddings coming up next year........ I'm definitely going to check out your table paddies (cute name) as soon as I hit SEND!! Thanks for your kind email and I truly wish you all the best. Your #1 Fan!
Table Pad in Boca Raton, FL
We received our table pads today and are absolutely delighted with the results :) !!!!!! Please send a big and warm thank you to all the team members who touched our pads – from start to finish. They were precisely made to order and fit like a glove. And… they look fabulous :) !! (My husband said it looks so nice, he feels like we should get a table pad to ‘protect’ our table pad ;)!!) We will be sure to share your company’s name with any and all admirers who visit our home ;)
Table Pad in Fishers, IN
I have to admit I was very skeptical ordering table pads via a phone call to Berger's Table Pad Factory. Sight unseen was a bit risky for me, but, I could not have had better service between talking with Zach, and following the process up with Sheri. They were both professional and their customer service skills were GREAT. Not to mention the quality of the table pads! I cannot believe that you can email a picture of your table with a credit card in the corner so they can figure out the angles of the edge of the table and the pads be ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY perfect upon arrival. The pads fit GREAT, the quality is every bit worth what I paid and I would HIGHLY recommend Berger's Table Pad Factory to any and all who need to protect their tables/buffets/piano's, etc. Call them!!!!