Tables Pads

There are times when you want your table to have a little different look. Here at Table Pads, we have the pads you need for all your tables and more. This includes pool tables, pianos, and buffet tables. You may try the tables pads at Berger’s Table Pads and Table Cloth. We have pads for dining tables, buffet tables, coffee and end tables, pool tables, and conference tables. We also have pads that can extend the table and have some monogrammed table paddies. These pads not only add a different look to your table but help to protect it from heat damage, scratches and spills. Our pads are made from fiberboard. This makes them resistant to humidity and warping.

Our boards are one solid piece rather than many layers as some of our competitors use. This prevents them from bending or warping, and they can be stored upright without any problems. We use MagnaLoc on our table tops. This means the covers will not break or come loose. These pads can last for up to 100 years.

Our Tables Pads come in three different grades and a variety of colors. The grades are Ultra elite, mid-grade and economy. Each one carries our guarantee that if it does not fit, we will remake it at no cost to you. Our pads are custom-made, so this does not happen real often. There is a 90-day quality guarantee.

The Ultra Elite cover comes with MagnaLocs and is designed for use every day. They are a half inch thick and can withstand heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The vinyl comes in the choice of colors in woodgrain, solid color or leather tone. The Ultra Elite pad has a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty.

There is also a mid-grade pad available. This comes in all the premium colors and is built for occasional use. It also includes the MagnaLoc system and can withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The mid-grade tables pads come with a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.

The last grade of pads is the economy tables pads. These pads are one-half inch thick. Our competitors only make this grade pads to be one-quarter inch thick. It is meant for occasional use. The color choices are the stone and laminate surface colors. This pad has a five-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Several color choices will match your decor. In the Leather Tones, you have eight options: Cranberry, chestnut, opal, slate, natural, Mocha, Palomino, and saddle. Wood grain colors have eight choices as well and look like natural wood. It comes in Mahogany, walnut, oak, cherry, brandy, pecan, maple and hickory. Then you have the solids in the four colors of black, bone white (ivory), white and cocoa. Lastly, there is the Dura-Velvet in brown, tan, burgundy, black and green. With all these colors to choose from, there is one that will dress up your table. These colors can be the same on top and bottom or can be different on top than on the bottom.