Tables Pad

Purchasing a new, modern set of furniture is just the first step in refurbishing your home. The next one, equally important, is getting the right accessories where required, and by accessories, we don’t mean the purely decorative ones, but those that provide utility above everything else. At Berger’s Table Pad Company, we leave nothing to chance.

A tables pad needs to meet specific requirements, both regarding the functionality and material quality and the design and innovation at the same time. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, a table can fulfill more than one role. Tables are probably the most used pieces of furniture, which is why they are usually the first to wear down.

In general, you use them to eat, to drink your coffee in the morning, when using your laptop or when you serve your guests with a cold drink from time to time. And, with so much activity going on, accidents are inevitable. Spilling your drink on a wooden table might not be the most fortunate occurrence, but neither is scratching it by mistake, or having your pet do the job for you.

For this reason, a top table pad will come with specific benefits, mainly:

  • Protecting against liquids, high-temperature materials, and scratching – Your goal is to protect your table, especially when we are talking about an expensive one that’s part of a living room set, for instance. A good tables pad will provide you with just the right extra layer of protection required, keeping the furniture away from any of the risks mentioned above.
  • Flexibility and safety – Top tier table pads need to be easy to install and equally easy to remove. It is also of crucial importance for them to remain stable during use, which is why our MagnaLoc magnetic system is one of the best features you could wish for.
  • Matching the style of your furniture – Table pads come in many shapes, styles, and colors, so pay very close attention to all these little details when deciding for one. This way, you will not only benefit from a much-needed addition regarding utility but also regarding aesthetics.
  • Enriching your room – Good, proficient table pads need to become pieces of furniture themselves. That means you have to consider aspects of the construction material, the manufacturing details, as well as the design finishes - all these suggestions a plus in quality and style.

Should you get a table pad?

Yes, you should. No other answer could be considered as valid. A tables pad is essential for protecting your table, something not many people feel is as important, unfortunately. But it will begin to seem relevant when considering the case where the table makes for an expensive piece you wouldn’t want to be ruined too soon.

At Berger’s Table Pad Company, we only deal with high-quality products, and we have a wide variety of pads to choose from, in case our tastes might differ from the majority. It is not whether you should get one, but one of when to get it and which type to settle for.