Desk Pads

Shop online at Berger's Table Pad Factory for a high quality desk pad to protect your desk or table while working and prevent unwanted damage. A desk pad, also referred to as a desk mat or even a blotter, is a durable surface covering used to provide a flat, soft surface that allows you to work comfortably without the risk of causing damage to your tabletop or office desk.

Why a Berger's Desk Pad?

We already make the world's best custom table pads which are designed and manufactured to the highest quality of standards so it only makes sense that we can also provide our customers with the highest quality desk pads to both provide protection and comfort while working at home. Our desk pads are available at very competitive, factory-direct prices.

Why is Berger’s a Better Product?

If you want to protect a beautiful desk or preserve the family table for future generations, a high quality desk pad is what you're searching for. Our pads are 1/2" thick and can protect against everyday nicks, scratches, and other "normal" damage that reduces the value of your furniture.

Feel free to read through our website testimonials, or simply type Berger’s Table Pads into the search bar of your preferred directory to read reviews and ratings from customers. We stand behind our pads with an industry-leading warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Our desk pads are incredibly durable and are designed to last a lifetime of everyday use. When you use one of our desk pads, your desk or tabletop will be able to last for years. The reason is that we use a solid fiberboard core, not layered material most of our competition is using, which can trap moisture and lead to mold and mildew forming inside of the pad. When stored upright, our pads will not bend or bow.