Custom Table Pad

We usually pay very close attention to what furniture we purchase; we are very much concerned about the material quality, about how the product looks and feels, and about the overall manufacturing result, the construction details. Except when it comes to tables. People make the mistake of taking tables for granted, not realizing that they are essential additions to the room’s esthetics if nothing more. This is one mistake we, at Berger’s Table Pad Company, will never make.

A custom table pad is, in reality, a subtle but necessary tool in the arsenal of anyone preoccupied not only with how their furniture looks, but how to protect its integrity for longer. Ideally, you should preserve your furniture in peak condition as much as you can and, sometimes, that requires resorting to innovative methods. In this case, getting your table pad, custom made to meet your preferences, both regarding design and regarding the quality and the resilience.

Seeing how we use tables every day, either for serving our meals, sharing a drink with a couple of guests or maybe playing some board games with the family and friends, it is imperative to do our best to protect the wooden surface, especially if we’re talking about a high-quality one.

This requires a table pad for several reasons:

  • It will refresh the room’s style – There are plenty of table pads available for sale and finding the one that meets your tastes is just a matter of time. There is no doubt a lot of satisfaction in ordering a custom table pad to meet your exact expectations, primarily when it is meant to last a lifetime.
  • Protecting the table – There are a lot of unpredictable situations that may cause your table to sustain sometimes irreparable damages. These may occur due to spilling liquids on the surface of the table, subjecting the wood to high temperatures, an example being those inflicted by excessively hot food plates, or due to carelessly knifing products it or having pets to scratch it beyond repair. A table pad will easily prevent all these occurrences.
  • Comfortable and easy to use – Since table pads are detachable, you can easily mount and dismount them whenever you like or move them from one table to another equally effortless.
  • A vast range of products – If you are looking for versatility and diversity, we are the go-to providers. We have an immense variety of pads to offer, including table extender pads, pads meant for pianos and pool tables, monogrammed table paddies and so on.

It is not easy to maintain your furniture in perfect condition for years to come, that much less when it comes to tables. As explained above, many factors may come together to alter their appearance, sometimes for good. In this context, a custom table pad can prove to be priceless in the long run.

At Berger’s Table Pad Company, we only deal with high-quality products, meant to satisfy your most pretentious needs. There is no other way of prolonging the life of your table, while also maintaining it in peak condition.