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Patented Magnetic Locking System

Keeping your table pads sections connected and in place can prove to be a difficult task without some assistance. Our better table pads come equipped with our very own patented MagnaLoc (Invisible Magnetic Locking System). All table pad locking devices are NOT created equal...not even close!

Compare our quality and magnetic locking system to any other you have ever seen in person or online. We think you'll agree - there's no comparison.

Our Exclusive Patented Hidden Magnetic Locking System:

  • Reduces pad separation and sliding
  • 100% user-friendly (nothing to think about - nothing to do - they just work)
  • Unlike other exposed locking systems, MagnaLocs™ are completely concealed
  • Will not come loose, fall off or break (as other exposed locking systems may)
  • Eliminates damage that can be caused by other exposed locking devices
  • Can be fully functional up to 100 years
Berger Table Pad Magnetic Locking System
Patent# 6,165,577