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Available Colors

These are the colors available for the top surface of the table pad only: leather tones, wood grains, and solids, as well as the bottom velvet colors (Dura-Velvet).

Because of the settings on your computer monitor, the colors below may not look exactly the same as your table pads. If you require a more accurate table pad color swatch for your table pad, please contact us to submit your request.

All of these top and bottom colors can be mixed and matched on all of our table pads, our extension pads, any of our other furniture pads, and a select number are available on our Table Paddies.

Leather Tones

  • Cranberry

    Darker than cranberry sauce
  • Natural

    Cup of cream with a little coffee
  • Mocha

    Color of a coffee bean
  • Palomino

    Looks like cappuccino
  • Saddle

    Cappuccino with double dairy
  • Chestnut

    A little darker than a chestnut
  • Opal

    Whitish gray
  • Slate

    Medium gray or chalkboard

Wood Grains

  • Mahogany

    Burgundy wine with a black wood grain
  • Walnut

    Milk chocolate with a dark chocolate grain
  • Oak

    Peanut butter with dark brown wood grain
  • Cherry

    Irish setter with brown streaks
  • Brandy

    A little darker than cherry
  • Pecan

    A dark chocolate color with black wood grain
  • Maple

    Copper brown with dark brown wood grain
  • Hickory

    Looks like a snickerdoodle


  • Black

    Just black
  • Bone White

  • White

    Just white
  • Cocoa

    Dark chocolate


  • Brown

  • Tan

  • Burgundy

  • Black

  • Green